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Style Guide Straight-Leg Slim Fit Straight-Leg Slim Fit Style Guide

Women have some of the widest offerings of denim styles on the market and it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. Certain things like colour and finishes are obviously down to personal style, but which fits best?

Straight-leg jeans are a classic fit that offers versatile style for any occasion; as you'd expect, have a straight silhouette down the leg from thigh to ankle

Who should wear straight-leg?
Straight-leg styles are perfect for petite ladies to flatter your figure as well long-legged ladies who love to parade their pins. If you're a curvy petite, go for a darker shade to flatter your shape.

Slim-fit jeans are ideal if you're looking for a more fitted silhouette but want to steer clear of skinny styles. 

Who should wear Slim-fit? 
Petites ladies will love slim-fit jeans, worn with tapered ankles or bootcut finishes. Tall ladies will also benefit from slim-fit jeans, highlighting length and slimming your shape. Our style tip is to go for high-waisted styles for extra leg length. 

Style Guide Bootcut petite Jegging Bootcut petite Jegging Style Guide

Bootcut jeans are a denim original - this style is the most universally flattering for women. Bootcut jeans flare slightly from the knee to the ankle and designed, as the name suggests, to be worn with boots for the most flattering look.  

Who should wear bootcut?
Curvy girls will love bootcut jeans as they balance your silhouette. Pear/apple shapes should go for a slight flare with a high waist. 

Our petite range is perfect for style lovers who need their denim in smaller packages.

Who should wear Petite denim?
Our petite range is perfect for women 5ft 2 and under.

Jeggings are a modern addition to the denim line up. Taking form-fitting to the extreme, jeggins offer day-to night style that look great with flats or heels. 

Who should wear Jeggings?
Skinny styles will flatter more shapes than you many think; tall girls, slender frames, athletic shapes and hourglass figures will all look great in skinny jeans - highlighting curves and muscle tone. While curvy shapes can enhance and streamline their curves in darker and high-waist styles. 

Style Guide Skirt slim & shape Skirt slim & shape Style Guide

Our denim skirts come in a wide variety of colours and strike the perfect balance of ladylike-casual with their classic denim finished in a sleek pencil silhouette. 

Who should wear denim skirts?
Anyone and everyone!

Our slim & shape range is specially designed to slim and enhance the body. Slim & Shape jeans feature a built in tummy-smoothing panel and seam detailing to shape the bottom. The high waist and deep waistband offer a flattering figure while the simple styling and heavier fabric make them a durable and versatile style. 

Who should wear Slim & shape?
Our Slim & Shape jeans are perfect for any figure.