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Towels Buying Guide

Now you know everything you need to know about towels, select the best one for you and your home from our fantastic collections.





New Ultimate Towel from £8

Our 'new and improved' Ultimate towel uses the latest in fabric technology to create an enhanced luxury towel. Offering superior softness, longer lasting colour and less fibre shedding, these towels improve with use. Experience the softest, thickest, most absorbent towel in your home... our best ever Ultimate towel,

Fabric: Zero Twist Cotton
Weight: 600 gsm
Colours: 30

Price: From £8

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Towels Buying Guide

Ultimate Hotel from £8

Create the Spa Experience in your home with these sumptuous towels. The Ultimate Hotel towels uses luxurious Turkish Cotton which is prized for being super absorbent. They are strong, durable and will retain their softness and colour for longer.

Fabric: Turkish Cotton
Weight: 700 gsm
Colours: 8

Price: From £8

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Towels Buying Guide

Essential Supersoft from £4

Made from supersoft 100% zero twist cotton, which reduces fibre shedding and improves softness, resulting in luxurious and durable towels that become softer over time.

Fabric: Zero twist cotton
Weight: 450 gsm
Colours: 10

Price: From £4

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Towels Buying Guide

Essential Towel Bale from £15

Pure natural 100% combed cotton towels in our best value bale, allowing you to get all the sizes you need in one

Fabric: Combed Cotton
Weight: 450gsm
Colours: 7

Price: From £15

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Towels Buying Guide



Let us help you navigate the different types of cotton and the techniques used in towel construction.

Egyptian Cotton
Described as the ‘king of cottons’  because it produces longest, silkiest fibres, making it very soft and extremely absorbent.

Turkish Cotton
Also produces long fibre threads that are strong and durable, as well as being ultra soft and absorbent.

Supima Cotton
American cotton that produces one of the finest  yarns in the world. It's long fibres give a luxurious, silky handle.

Combed Cotton
An extremely soft version of cotton made by 'combing' off all the tiny fibers from the cotton before it is spun into yarn to give it a soft, smooth touch.

Zero Twist Cotton
Twist refers to the number of twists per inch of yarn. The lower the amount of twist in a yarn, the more plush the towel will be. Clever zero twist technology makes towelling feel thicker and softer whilst remaining beautifully light,  incredibly absorbent and fast drying.

Pure Cotton
Standard length threads but still very soft, durable, absorbent and great for everyday use.

Also known as the loops of the towel, the length and amount of loops dertermine towels surface area and therefore its absorbency. Therefore, more loops per square cm, and the longer loops (or thicker the pile) make for a more absorbent towel.

Stands for Grams per Square Metre and is the unit of weight that towels are measured in- the higher the gsm, the denser, heavier and more absorbent the towel. 500gsm is a good standard weight for a towel.

Our towels are available in a variety of sizes from small and square for your face to large and luxurious to envelope your whole body. Some of our towels are sold in bales to make it easy to select co-ordinating towels in different sizes:

Face Towel
30x30cm A small square towel (sometimes called a flannel) is usually used wet or dry to cleanse your face, body and hands.

Guest Towel
40 x 65cm A bit smaller than a hand towel, this rectangular towel is often used in guest bathrooms in place of a hand towel.

Hand Towel
50 x 80cm - 50 x 100cm A hard working towel to leave hanging so that you, your family and guests can dry their hands after washing. A good size to take to the swimming pool or for drying hair.

Bath Towel
70cm x 120cm- 90 x130cm A great everyday size for drying after a shower or bath.

Bath Sheet
Dimensions: 100 x 130cm- 100 x 150cm A larger option that lets you wrap yourself up completely after a shower or bath.

Beach Towel
Dimensions: 85 x 160cm - Bigger than a bath towel and longer and narrower than a bath sheet a beach towel is the perfect shape for lying down on or saving a sun lounger.

Towel Buying Guide

Stands for Grams per Square Metre and is the unit of weight that towels are measured in- the higher the gsm, the denser, heavier and more absorbent, the towel. 500gsm is a good standard weight for a towel

Medium weight 400-500gsm towels
If you prefer a lighter everyday towel, medium weight towels like our Supersoft collection are ideal. They are just as absorbent as our heavyweight towels, yet have a lighter, cooler feel. Great for families as they are quicker to dry.

Heavyweight 600-700gsm towels
Ideal for everyday use, the heavier weight yarns feel luxurious and are more durable. They will feel more substantial and warmer wrapped around your body.

We put all our towels through their paces to ensure you get the best quality, value and life from your towels and there are a few things you can do too to keep them softer, fresher and absorbent for longer:

All of our towels are machine washable, we recommend to wash once before use. Use a non-biological detergent containing no OBAs optical whiteners, bleaching agents or enzymes as these can cause colours to fade, we recommend using colour safe detergent A harsh texture and an off-white colour are usually signs of bleach damage.

Fabric softener
Use only a small amount of fabric softener, too much lessens the absorbency of the towel as it 'glazes' the cotton loops with a coating of a silicon-like substance.

As a rule, wash towels at 40ºC –washing at too high a temperature may reduce handle and the life of your towel.

Line dry outside when possible, then, when they are almost dry pop them in the tumble dryer for 5-10 minutes on a low heat to give that little extra softness, some of our towels are even designed to improve with tumble drying. Do not dry clean towels. 

Always follow the instructions
Wash light and dark colours separately and follow the washing instructions on the product label.

If a stray loop pulls up on a towel, just cut it off with a pair of scissors – it won't damage the towel.