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Whether you're looking for the perfect scent for a room in your home or a gift for someone special, our guide will help you seek your scent with ease.
You can view our entire range, discover different types of fragrance and even shop fragrances by mood. There's also a handy care guide to make sure your fragrances make a lasting impact.

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We have three gorgeous Home Fragrance ranges, from the classic Everyday Fragrances to extra special scents from Cotton & Co and Vintage Floral. Find out more below.


Doing just at as it says on the tin, our Everyday Fragrances range offers beautiful notes for any room at any time.


Boxed Candles – burn time of approximately 30 hours
100ml Diffusers – last up to 8 weeks
Set of 24 Tealights – a coordinating tealight holder is available
Pot pourri – each component has been hand selected
Set of 3 Scented Sachets


Vanilla Coconut, Lavender Fields, Rose Garden, Mango Passion, Ocean Breeze, Citrus Burst. 


The Vintage Floral collection has been inspired by delicate flowers and nostalgic fragrances.


Boxed Candles – burn time of approximately 38 hours
150ml Diffusers – will last up to 12 weeks
100ml Room Sprays 


Parisian Peony, Spring Meadow, Wild Bluebell, Sweet Jasmine


The Cotton & Co collection has been designed to feel contemporary and sophisticated with subtle notes that will bring calm to any room.


Boxed Candles – burn time of approximately 38 hours
150ml Diffusers – will last up to 12 weeks
100ml Room Sprays 


Sicilian Lemon with Mint, Fresh Cut Flowers, Pure Linen, Riviera.


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There are many different types of fragrance you can use around your home. This page will help you discover which one is right for you.

Candles are simple to use and easy to care for in addition to providing an atmospheric light.

Room Sprays are fantastic way to add a burst of fragrance to any room.

Diffusers offer continual fragrance, which is controllable by rotating the reeds regularly.

Our hand-picked pot pourri offers a decorative way to display your fragrance.

Scented Sachets provide continuous fragrance, and can be placed anywhere.

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Fragrances are a great way to set the mood for any occasion, whether you're looking for a calming fragrance while winding down in the bath or something a little more romantic for a special night in. Shop our fragrances range by mood below.


Taking proper care of your candles or diffusers will ensure a safe and happy experience as well as prolonging the life of your fragrance. Below are our Buyers' top tips for getting the most from your new home fragrance.

1.  Never leave a burning candle unattended. Remove all packaging before use.

2.  Place on a cool, flat, heat-resistant surface.

3.  Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.

4.  Keep wick trimmed to 0.5cm, remove any carbon build up; long or crooked wicks are prone to burn more quickly and less efficiently - which can cause uneven burning, excessive smoke and dripping.

5.  Avoid putting candles in drafts as this may cause uneven burning, excessive dripping and can shorten the burn time of the candle. 

1. To achieve optimum performance from your diffuser the reeds need to be rotated once every week. For a more intense effect the reeds can be rotated more frequently. 

2. The fragrance oil in the diffuser contains alcohol; therefore it is flammable. Do not place near a naked flame.

3. Do not stand the diffuser directly on polished or finished surfaces as spillage may cause damage.