Babywear Buying Guide

Babywear buying guide

Babywear Buying Guide

At BHS we know there are hundreds of things to think about when preparing for your new arrival. To help you plan the key items of clothing, accessories and footwear you'll need, we have created the Babywear Buying Guide. 

Our aim is to give guidance and tips on what to look out for when buying babywear for the first time.

Baby Essentials

Here we explain all the different types of clothes you'll need for when your little one first arrives - from blankets, socks and hats to sleepsuits and bibs. 

Baby Footwear

Baby Booties and Pre-Walkers are covered here; explaining features and benefits, what to look out for and to be aware of when buying footwear as well as guide to finding the right size for your little one.

Baby Clothing and Sizing

This section covers baby clothing for all occasions, it includes tips on finding the right size as well as a size chart for reference.   

Quality and Care

Finally, under quality and care we explain our quality standards and how we meet them, as well as tips on washing and caring for baby's clothes. 

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Baby Essentials

When it comes to dressing your newborn, comfort and breathability are key. Babies spend most of the time asleep so it's important the clothes they wear day or night allow them to drift off, whilst providing warmth and comfort without restricting movement. 

Products made from pure cotton are best suited here due to their natural thermal qualities, allowing baby to warm up or cool down as their body requires. 

Bodysuits We've put bodysuits at the top of the list as they are incredibly versatile. They come in long sleeve and short sleeve and have a popper opening at the bottom for quick and easy nappy changes. They don't have legs so can be worn by themselves or as a layering piece. All our Bodysuits are made with soft 100% Cotton Interlock fabric, which is stretchy so baby can move around easily, but will retain it's shape after wear and wash.

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Body suits

Sleepsuits These come in a range of fabrics which are all stretchy so baby can move around easily. They have long sleeves and integrated feet to keep baby all snuggled up. Sleepsuits can be worn day or night and are designed for easy changing. 

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Baby Sleepsuits

Hats Baby hats are a vital part of your baby's wardrobe. Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads, so baby hats are the perfect way to help them retain heat while out and about in the pram. 

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Baby hat and scratch mitts

Socks Carefully constructed to avoid loose threads and offer maximum comfort, our baby socks range provide the perfect extra layer for keeping your baby warm in any weather.

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Baby socks

Bibs Our soft cotton bibs are an essential to protect clothing from spills and dribbles! With super soft Velcro or a nickel free popper opening, all our bibs come in cute designs so they are practical as well as adorable! 

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Baby bibs

Booties For very young babies, these super soft and breathable booties have sock tops for comfort and keep baby's toes warm and clean, whilst giving plenty of unrestricted wiggle room for toes - for more information on shoes and fitting, take a look at our Baby Footwear section.

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Baby Booties

Shawls and Blankets Perfect for adding that extra layer of warmth and cosiness, baby blankets and shawls are an essential in any baby care kit, they also make great gifts! It's advised to remove the shawl if your baby is sleeping to allow them to move more freely. 

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Baby blanket

Sleepbags A great alternative to blankets at night time and perfect for travelling with, a sleepbag ensures baby stays warm and cosy all night long. Zip and popper fastenings make changing quick and easy. With a tog rating of 2.5 our sleepbags are suitable for use all year round, especially in the colder months.

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Baby sleepbag

7 Piece Essentials Set A fantastic option to get everything baby needs in co-ordinating colours and cute designs all in one go. Our 7 piece set includes a super soft cardigan, trousers with  built in feet, a body suit, a sleepsuit, a bib, a hat and scratch mittens. A perfect gift for a new mum or mum-to-be. 

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Scratch Mitts Baby fingernails grow at a very fast rate and can risk scratches so scratch mitts are your go-to solution. They are made from soft cotton jersey, they cover the whole hand and let your baby move and wiggle their fingers to their hearts content while protecting their delicate skin.  

Baby essentials set


Booties and Pre-Walkers

Baby shoes

Babies feet are different to childrens and adults feet. They are still very soft and pliable and their development can be hampered wearing hard soles when the feet aren't ready.  Little feet can mould into the wrong shape by wearing shoes too early into their development, or by wearing shoes that are too hard or constrictive. 

For very young babies, barefoot is best to help feet grow and strengthen naturally. For these formative years, Baby booties and socks will keep your baby warm but will not cause any restriction when worn.

Our booties are super soft and breathable, they have sock tops for comfort and keep baby's toes warm and clean, whilst giving plenty of unrestricted wiggle room for toes.

When your child is sitting up and ready to start crawling around exploring their world, Pre-Walkers are a good solution to offer protection for their feet, while the flexible soles give freedom of movement. 

Once your child starts walking, they will be ready to move onto more supportive shoes that will aid their development and keep their feet clean and safe.

What to know

When you are buying shoes for your child, or as a gift, look out for the following features: 

Lightweight shoes give ease of movement for moving around, all our soles are soft textiles which allow a lot of flexibility in wear.

Non-slip soles help give grip for crawling, the little dots on the bottom of our soles are developed to be non-slip, they are not for   walking children but will help crawling children to get grip while moving around.

Ventilation and soft breathable materials, as these will give comfort in wear and help to avoid sweaty feet.

Easy fastenings that will allow for simple changes while keeping the shoes on, making it easier for you and more comfortable for baby. 

Fitting Baby's Pre-Walkers

As all children develop at different rates, choosing shoes by age can sometimes be a challenge.

The first point to consider is making sure there is enough room for their little toes to wiggle - otherwise known as 'wiggle room'. As a guideline, 1cm should be enough space in the toe area.

All our shoes are fitted on nursary children by industry experts, so we are able to make sure that the shoe allows plenty of room before it goes into manufacture.

Below is a basic guide to the lengths of our Pre-Walker soles, please be aware that this can vary slightly between styles.

Age (Months) Length in CM
0-3 10.5cm
3-6 11.5cm 
6-12 12.5cm
12-18  13.5cm


Baby Clothing and Sizing 

When you've got baby's essentials covered, browse our other ranges of cute, practical, comfy clothing for all occasions, there's also a size guide to help with getting the right fit. 

Outfit Sets Take the hassle out of choosing outfits with our co-ordinating sets for boys and girls. We have a wide range of outfits that can be worn as they are, or mixed and matched with other items. 

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Outfit Sets

Character and Slogan Clothing Great for gifting and sure to raise a smile from mum, our collection of character clothing features all their favourites. We offer a range of bright colours and cute designs, all made with the same high quality standards we deliver across our range. 

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Baby character clothing

Christening and Occasionwear Get baby ready for their first special occasion with a lovely christening gown or suit, also suitable for weddings and family parties, they'll look adorable on any occasion. 

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Baby christening and occasionwear

Clothing Size Guide 

Babies grow more in the first few years than at any other time in their entire lives. 

As all children develop at different rates, at BHS we try to make it easy to choose the right size for your Baby by detailing the size in age, weight and height. To measure your baby's height, measure from the top of their head to the heel of their foot.

Top tip: As babies are constantly growing, and need lots of room to wiggle, it's best to buy slightly bigger if they are between sizes.

Age  Height Max Weight 
Tiny Baby            Up to 50cm         Up to 3.5 kg/ 7.5Ibs
Newborn Up to 56cm  Up to 4.5kg/ 10Ibs
0-3 months  Up to 62cm  Up to 6.5kg/ 14Ibs
3-6 months  Up to 68cm  Up to 8kg/17.5Ibs
6-9 months  Up to 74cm  Up to 9kg/ 20Ibs
9-12 months  Up to 80cm   
12-18 months Up to 86cm   
18-24 months Up to 92cm   
24-36 months Up to 98cm  



Quality and Care  

Baby quality and care

The way babies and young toddlers interact with the world around them means the clothes they wear must be designed with safety at the forefront, they need to withstand plenty of washing, and they must not cause any discomfort when worn.

We have compiled this guide to help you to know what to look out for in quality, comfort and safety when buying baby clothing either for your own children or as gifts. 

Look out for

Easy changing all clothes for baby must be simple to put on, take off, or open up - especially for quick nappy changes!

Stretchy necks really help with this, envelope necks - where there is no button fastening - are probably the easiest but all necks on childrenswear should have plenty of room, poppers or buttoned necklines work well for a smarter look

100% Cotton bodysuits and sleepsuits are a must, the cotton has naturally thermal properties meaning it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Interlock fabric on body suits and sleepsuits, this offers lots of stretch for baby to move around and will recover it's shape after wear and wash

Secure small parts for example buttons and bows. These must be tug proof, as baby starts to grab they tend to put what they have successfully grabbed into their mouths and this can be a choking hazard. All small parts used on BHS Childrens clothing must pass multiple pull tests to a strength of 90 Newtons, which is equivalent to 9KG of force, which is very strong!

At Bambini, we know just how many clothes a new arrival can get through in an amazingly short amount of time, and quite how much washing their parents will be doing in these first few years! 

We know our collections need to work hard, so some of ways we make sure the babywear we develop is safe and long lasting, is by doing the following: 

• Only sourcing zips, eyelets, studs, poppers, and rivets from carefully approved suppliers who help the manufacturers apply them correctly and safely

• Not using any metal zippers on any of our Bambini product as they can catch delicate skin.

• Our sequins are all well attached by machines, and all pass vigorous wash tests to make sure they are secure.

• Ensuring all our poppers, eyelets, studs, and rivets are nickel free, so there won't be any risk to baby's delicate skin.

• Checking all our integrated feet and gloves to make sure that there are no long threads or long loops (1cm or more is considered long) which can wrap around small fingers and toes. 

• Only using soft seams on all our bodysuits and sleepsuits so they are more comfortable for baby.

• Only using super soft Velcro, which has just as much strength as standard Velcro but won't scratch baby's delicate skin.

• Never stone washing or sand blasting our product as it can leave small pebble like stones in the product, which is very risky for small children if swallowed.

Finally, here are some tips for caring for you baby clothes

• Always check the care label! It sounds obvious, but this is where we give you all the information on how to care for your clothes, what temperature to wash them at and how to dry them.

• Turn your colours inside out, it will help them stay brighter for longer.

• The same with prints, turn them inside out to wash as it will limit how much they rub, and will mean they stay looking like new for longer.

• Wash light and dark colours separately, it really does make a difference! Although we design all our product to hold it's colour, that red sock that finds it's way into a whites wash will always leave your new bright white bodysuit a shade of pink!